The Instance 523: Get Off My Launcher

What's this new invader on the Blizz launcher? Lots of blizzard stuff on a leaked memo that may not be real at all. That WoW DDoS attacker in Romania faces actual justice for his crimes. We are running a contest for BFA beta keys! (Thanks, Blizzard!) That SC2 Diablo II remake is way better than you think. Happy 2 years, Overwatch! Why waiting in line for Blizzcon tickets is hard! And so much more!

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CORE 128: Let Me Tell You Somethin' Brother...

Cain gets you back into it! We look at this Nexusmania thing in depth. Season 3 stuff. Diablo and Lunara are getting changes. Loads of balance changes hit this week. There was a Reddit AMA and they told us new stuff. What's up with Zeeb's spiders? Also, being a tank in Heroes can be tricky! Among many other weird things tonight!

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TMS 1487 is OUT! "Nerves and Chipotle"

Those dogs are super cool. How quiet was the place? I would have fired her too. Gap is bad at geography. All you can eat nothing. No more bugs on a plane. Recomentals and more on this episode of The Morning Stream. Not already subscribed to TMS for free?

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